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Sandcastle's King of the Road


DNA ChromaGene Coat Color tested as
Black (tri) carrying Buff
No Brown


Clear eye exam 4-21-05.


Bruce is a beautiful black tri-color with a happy, playful temperament.  He is our resident "high-wire" dog.   Bruce's favorite trick is to climb to the top of any fence and visit over the top.  He doesn't want to leave, he just wants to say "Hi!"  Of course, the first few times he did this, I had complete heart failure!   The very first time I turned around to find him face-to-face with me over a 5 foot fence I nearly killed myself trying to get to him. 

Of course, HE thinks I'm nuts for making a fuss.  He always gets himself back down just as calm as you please and then struts around like nothing unusual has occurred! 



Bruce passes his great personality, his good looks and his athletic ability on to his offspring.  Needless to say, his babies make GREAT agility dogs!! 

Bruce is the sire of pointed offspring.   

Bruce produces:
Black, Black & Tan
Red & White, Buff
Black & White and Black Tri-Color


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