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Sandcastles would like to congratulate the following dogs on their  2004 show accomplishments and, where appropriate, we would like to thank the new owners for providing their dogs with the opportunity to "strut their stuff" in the show ring.  
Click on a picture to see pedigrees or more information.
CH Sandcastle's Treasure Hunter CH Sandcastle's Hershey Treasure
Hunter finished his championship at just over a year of age with a 4 point major from the puppy classes and a 3 point major from one of his first shows in the "Open" class.   Both majors and most of his singles were won against his brother Ranger. Ranger finished his championship at just over a year of age with three 4 point majors from the puppy classes, 3 Best Puppy in Sweepstakes and he was the "OPEN" class winner & RESERVE WINNERS DOG at the January 2004 American Spaniel Club Nationals!
Hunter is owned by Sandcastle Kennels. His first litter is on the ground here at Sandcastles and looks stunning. Ranger has been sold to Stephen Jung of South Korea.  He is being shown there.
Sandcastle's I've Got Spots CH Sandcastle's Try My Fudge
Spot is a litter-sister to Sam (right).  She is pointed and has Reserve Winners Bitch placements to majors. Sam, a brown/tri-color, finished his championship from the puppy classes.  He had two 4-point majors and a 5-point BOV major win from the 6-9 Puppy Classes and finished with another 3 point major from the 9-12 class! 
Spot will make her home at Sandcastles.  Thanks to Stacy Farber for her handling of this happy girl.  I hope your chickens all survived!! Sam is also in South Korea and will be shown there by his new owner, Ho-Shin.
CH Sandcastle's King of the Road CH Sandcastle's Built For Troy's
Tucker finished quickly at just over a year of age with two 4 point majors. Diablo actually finished his championship in November of 2003 at just over a year of age, but I thought I'd sneak him in here too!  He finished with two 4 point majors.
Tucker is home at Sandcastles.  His first litters are here and look very promising. Diablo is owned and loved by Troy Albert.  I can't thank Troy enough for his friendship, help and support.
CH Sandcastle's Red Rover CH Sandcastle's Burn For Me Baby
Rover is a younger full-brother to Sissy (pictured at right).  He quickly followed in his big sister's footsteps, finishing his championship from the puppy classes.  Rover finished with back-to-back majors, one of which was a Best of Variety win over a special! Sissy finished with a bang after hunting majors for what seemed forever.  Her last weekend out she was RWB to majors 2 days and WB 3 days for both of her majors and her last single point! 
Rover will make his home at Sandcastles.  Sissy is home at Sandcastles after finishing her title.  She is happy to be a baby again!  Thanks to Stacy Farber for starting and loving Sissy so much!!
Sandcastle's Especially Fancy Sandcastle's Nestle Crunch
Diana has 5 points with a number of Reserve Winners Bitch placements to majors, including a 5 point major. Nestle is a litter-mate to Hunter and Ranger (above).  She has 3 championship points.
Diana is our designated wild child :-).  She's as mischievous as she is beautiful!  She will make her home at Sandcastles. Nestle will make her home at Sandcastles.
Hartline Kid-U-Knot Beauty Sandcastle's My Lucky Day
Brooke has 8 points at this time, including a 4 point BOV win (over specials) under Mrs. Dorothy Nichols. Charlie has 9 points, including a BOV win over 3 specials (from the 6-9 puppy class!) and a 3 point Specialty major win at barely 9 months.  He beat the 2 brown boys, Hunter and Ranger, above for his Specialty major win!
Brooke will make her home here at  Sandcastles. Charlie is for sale as I have his sire. 
A big Thank You goes to Jeff Wright for his expert handling of Hunter, Ranger, Sam, Nestle, Diana, Tucker, Rover and Sissy.  We would also like to thank all the judges that have liked our kids.
Another big Thank You goes out to Troy Albert for showing Charlie and Brooke for their first points.  Charlie's BOV win over specials and Brooke's 4 point BOV win over specials were both won with Troy on the lead.  Thanks to Troy as well for putting the last few single points on Brooke and for trying to find that last major for her.

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Last revised: December 14, 2005