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Sandcastle's I've Got Spots

Diana is our designated "Wild Child".  She is a lovely buff bitch with an excess of personality.   While happy and friendly, this little scamp has a streak of stubbornness about a mile wide.   We sent her out to show with Jeff Wright  (she  has 5 points and several Reserves to majors - including 5 pointers!), but we've brought her home now as she didn't much care for being made to "perform".    She's a "once around the ring and I'm done" kinda girl!

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Clear eye exam 4-21-05.

While we had hoped to finish Diana, she is happier here at home and is enjoying just being a "dog".  She loves to be out running and playing with the other dogs and, while she couldn't stand the monotony of being expected to repeatedly go around in little circles in a ring, she'll play ball till your arm gives out!    

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