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Pet Grooming for your Cocker Spaniel


This photo slideshow will lead you through a pet grooming for a Cocker Spaniel.  Click on each picture to see and read (step by step) how to perform a pet grooming.  The arrow at the right end of the thumbnail pictures will take you to the next picture in the series.  The arrow to the left will let you go back to the previous picture (pictures).  The entire series consists of 73 photos, so there's lots to see.   Good Grooming!! 


The Ungroomed Dog

This is a 6 month old puppy with approximately 8 weeks of hair growth. This is more hair growth than you should have to deal with if you keep your dog on my recommended 4-6 week grooming schedule.


The complete series of written instructions for a pet grooming can be found in a printer friendly format on my
Click the preceding link to go to these instructions.


If you have any questions or would like more information about available pups,

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