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Sandcastle's I've Got Spots

Puppy-O is a very typey little black/white girl.   My youngest son named her, and while it seems a little weird, her name suits her once you get to know her.   She's very bright, happy, playful and loving, but a little on the stubborn side too.  It took TWO trips through basic obedience classes before she passed (but we try to give her the benefit of the doubt as she was in season during 3 weeks of the first round of classes). 

Puppy-O is the grand-dam of multiple champions and point earners and her babies always have gorgeous plush heads, tons of coat and loads of body.  She produces solids and partis with great temperaments.

Clear eye exam 4-21-05.

CLICK HERE   to see Puppy-O's pedigree.

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Puppy-O has a permanent pet home with a family member and no longer lives here at Sandcastle's.   She is a regular visitor however as she comes to stay when she's in season or expecting babies.  (At which time some other lucky puppy gets to go home with "Aunt Ruthie" to be spoiled and to keep Puppy-O's house-mate "Binky" company!)

The black/white dogs in the pictures below are  Puppy-O and Binky (Sandcastle's Kindergarten Cop).   The red/white shown below is Binky's dam, Krysten (Sandcastle's Let's Make A Deal), who also had a permanent home with Aunt Ruthie.   



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