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Before your puppy is picked up or shipped to you, Sandcastle Kennels will:
  • Give the puppy age appropriate:
    •  Vaccinations
    •  Worming
    •  Grooming
  • Provide information on, and/or a copy of, the puppy's pedigree (family tree).
    • Printable pedigrees will usually be available on the web-site.
  • Take the puppy for any necessary or required Veterinary Checks.
  • Evaluate the puppy's Temperament.
  • Provide hugs and kisses and love!
  • Answer your questions and provide as much information as possible to help you and the puppy have a happy, safe and successful homecoming.
    • Remember that this web-site has a number of printable training, care and informational articles to help you with your new Cocker.
    • There are also links to other web-sites/articles that may help you care for your new puppy/dog.

When you take your new Sandcastle Kennel's puppy home, or when your new puppy arrives at the airport, you will receive:

  • Training and/or care information that is not available on this web-site.
  • Health/Vaccination record.
  • Signed copies of the ownership agreement and the health guarantee.
    • For show/breeding dogs, the ownership agreement is replaced by the purchase contract.
  • Approximately 2 days of puppy food. 
  • Puppy Treats

In the following situations, you will receive the specified items/information:

  • For puppies that are shipped, we will include an appropriate toy and/or treats and chewies to help keep the puppy entertained.
  • If your puppy is micro-chipped, you will receive information on how to register your name, address and phone number in case the puppy should become lost.  You will also receive a collar ID tag, a veterinarian ID card and record-keeping stickers showing your puppy's microchip number.

Please remember that we will always be available should you need help, advice or  assistance with your Sandcastle Cocker.   Additionally, we always appreciate receiving updates and pictures of our babies and their new families.


If you have any questions or would like more information about our Cocker Spaniels,
E-MAIL ME.    Thanks,


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Last revised: January 01, 2006