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CH Sandcastle's Treasure Hunter


Tiger is a true ambassador for the Cocker Spaniel breed.  He is happy and friendly, he  adores "his" people and he enjoys meeting and playing with all visitors.  He is  intelligent, structurally correct, has a  lovely, expressive face, a full, easy care coat and he is great with kids.  He IS a little too full of himself occasionally and sometimes gets a little over-enthusiastic when giving kisses, but that's probably because he's a tad spoiled!

CLICK HERE   or on a picture to see Tiger's pedigree.


Clear eye exam done 10-31-03.


Tiger is one of the prettiest Cockers I have ever seen and, being a merle, he is a great example of the wonderful variety that exists within the breed. 



 I know Tiger looks like a "normal" sable Cocker, but Tiger is actually a BROWN SABLE/MERLE.  He did exhibit merle patterning (diluted brown patches) when he was young, but as he has matured, his merle markings have been hidden by his sable markings.   He does have a blue eye, so there is no doubt he is a merle.  His color is stunning when seen in person and, in combination with his temperament and conformation, he exemplifies all of the qualities that originally attracted me to this wonderful breed.


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